The Iseman Foundation is pleased to offer the Caffrey Welles Fine Arts Award for the third year. The Caffrey Welles Fine Arts Award encourages students to follow their passions and gain experience in the fine arts. Whether you write a short story, film a comedy sketch, paint a portrait, or analyze a famous work of literature, we'd like to accompany you along your creative journey.

This award honors the great liberal arts teachers at Meyers, specifically Miss Mollie Caffrey, who patiently guided and inspired the Iseman children on their own creative journeys, and Mr. Kevin Welles, who is never afraid to show how much he cares about all of his students and their fine arts experience.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to create an Arts Award project and submit it here. If you haven't started executing on your project yet, make a plan and make your idea a reality! Click on the guidelines button below to learn important information about the award. 

Once you have completed your project, officially apply to the award by clicking on the button below and filling out the form. Be sure to submit your project by Tuesday, May 7th. If you need more time before you submit, you can request an extension below too.

If you have any questions about the award please reach out to