First Place ($1,000): Displacing Water- Archimedes Screw Mk.IV

The first place winners for the first year we offered the BEST award were Alfian Maulana and Joseph Perillo. They won $500 each for the Archimedes Screw that they designed and built. The instructable that details their project can be found here.


Second Place ($100): Oreo Pump Gun

Marlon Clarke won second place with his oreo pump gun based off the slingshot channel on youtube. The instructable that he wrote to document his project can be found here


Third Place ($100): What Is Sodium Polyacrylate?

Summer Barrouk won third place with her instructable exploring the use of Sodium Polyacrylate in helping to clean up horse stalls. The instructable that she wrote can be found here

Participation Awards ($100): 

Kristen Cease has deleted her instructable but studied butterflies as her project and received a participation award.

Forest made a grappling hook as his project and received a participation award. His instructable can be found here