First Place ($1,500): 3D Printed Fractal Antenna

The first place winners for the 2014-2015 BEST award were Ken Macko and Zack Rattigan with their project that made a 3D printed fractal antenna. The instructable that details their project can be found here.


Second Place ($550): Murlin Trebuchet

Forest Nguyen and Jake Yurko won second place with their Murlin Trebuchet project. The instructable that they wrote to document their project can be found here


Third Place ($100): How to Build a Hydraulic Ram Pump

Elsa Romera and Kelsy Flores won third place with their instructable that documented their build of a hydraulic ram pump. The instructable they wrote can be found here


Fourth Place ($75): A Binary Search Game

Daisa Williams placed fourth with her instructable detailing her attempt at coding a binary search game. The instructable that she wrote can be found here